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Reaching out and learning about who is in your neighbourhood, who lives in your community and who could access your shop or service is important.

But how to start?

The Barrier Mapping Handbook is a great tool to work with people from CALD backgrounds with disability and develop an understanding of what works and what does not work in terms of welcoming people and inclusion. There are two resources that might come in handy if you want to reach out and connect to people from CALD backgrounds with disability:

  • 1 Community at 1 time : is a resource for anyone who wants to reach out and connect more deeply with people. It’s for people who want to act and engage with communities in respectful, meaningful ways that benefit both themselves and the communities
  • Making Links : is a hands on workbook. It takes you step by step through a process of understanding how you currently connect with people, look at what demographic and other data you can use to assist you and guides you towards effectively connecting with communities

If you are working for a company or organisation you want to make sure you have in place strategic plans, policies and procedures across your business and service that consistently foster and demonstrate practices that are welcoming and inclusive of people from CALD backgrounds with disability.


There are many resources that you can access; below are some policies and procedures for you to download.

Just one word of warning!

Creating action plans, policies and procedures does little to change organisational practices. It is in the implementation, the doing something, that over time changes the way things are done in your office or your shop, organisation or group.

That’s what makes the real difference.