Video 3 Reflections

Video 3 - Gisele and Sue

  • Gisele says we “should not be disappointed if a charitable action is just that” - an act of charity. Gisele reminds us that what Will is doing for her is of great benefit to her and contributes to her quality of life.

    Charity is often seen as a ‘one way street’, given to someone. However, Will is pretty clear, despite what other boys his age may think, that he is proud of what he does and feels good about helping someone in the community.

    How do you feel when you do something for someone?

  • Doing something for someone, giving time, resources or money is good for us. It can make us feel happy, it is good for our health, improves cooperation and social connections and evokes gratitude. It’s also a bit contagious. (to read more check out this article:

    Sometimes giving of our time leads to something else. While Will exercises the dog, the women talk and talk and grow their friendship.

    Can you think of the last time you volunteered and something unexpected happened? You met someone new? You learned something you didn’t know before?

  • Volunteers are a critical element of our civil society. Volunteering makes Australia a better place. Friendships made with people who are not like us, that come from connections made through volunteering, make us all more connected, more empathic with each other. As Sue says: “It's a human thing”. This is not just great news for people from CALD background with disability, like Gisele, but it’s great for all of us.

    Is there something you have been planning to do, some volunteering, some way of connecting with someone or a group of people? What is stopping you? What can you do to make it happen?

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