Video 4 Reflections

Video 4 - Antoni and Eban

  • Listening to the two friends talk, there are three or four core elements they identify as being really important in not simply welcoming someone, but making them feel they belong.

    Firstly, the two talk about how Antoni included Eban. Eban was living nearby and it sounds like Eban just became part of Antoni’s family.

    When was the last time you invited someone over for a meal into your house and introduced them to your family or friends? When was the last time you invited someone over, someone you didn't know well or someone who is different from you? You haven’t for a while? What is stopping you?

  • Eban describes living in a different culture and trying to learn about that culture. He uses the analogy of an iceberg. In a culture different to our own, what you see is the top of the iceberg, you see people’s behaviours, but you don't really understand why the people behave in that way. That's the bit that’s not visible, that’s the bit hidden below the surface. Eban talks about how important it was for him to have Antoni and his family to ask all those ‘why’ questions? Why are people doing this or that? Why does this or that happen? Why, why, why? When we are new in a culture we notice cultural differences but we often don’t understand what they mean.

    When is the last time you had a conversation with someone from somewhere else about why certain things where done in a certain way?

  • Most of us only become conscious of cultural differences when we are on holidays in places that do things differently from what we are used to. Sometimes not knowing how things are done can make us nervous and insecure. Being able to ask and trust someone enough to ask is really helpful.

    When was the last time you helped someone who was new to this country understand ‘Australian’ culture?

  • Towards the end Antoni talks about being a bit afraid to connect with people in Australia, because, as he says “in Australia people mind their own business.” Eban also talks about Australians being so independent, and how “we forget that by connecting with other people it opens our world”.

    When is the last time you opened your world?

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